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Extlikes Lifetime Guarantee covers this order. The fans we provide are forever and we will replace any lost fans without any charge.

Thousands of Businesses Trust Extlikes (Indeed, we really cooperate with them.)

Will I receive real likes from real people?

Indeed. Those people who will hit the “Like” button on your video will be real people who will like your video with their own will. We never use any type of software or programs in order to automatically send you likes.

What is the importance of likes?

YouTube has an algorithm which checks different variables such as subscribers of the channel to the view amount of the video. YouTube believes that the videos which have more likes are much more interesting for the people and they may be the thing they are looking for when they perform a search on YouTube. Would you be glad that YouTube would offer you videos with few likes while there are dozens of videos which have much more likes and views than them? This is why likes are quite important.

Should I place an order for likes too in addition to comments?

Definitely. In case you want to increase your engagement rate, you need to have lots of likes and comments. In case you have a video which has very few likes but thousands of comments or just the opposite of this scenario, your subscribers will doubt about you as well as YouTube itself. You need to keep a balance between the amounts of the views, comments, and likes for each video.

How many likes should I prefer for an order?

It is all up to you. In case you would like to adopt an aggressive marketing for your video, one of our large campaigns can help you to rank higher. However in case you have low subscribers and just published a video, it will not be logical to buy too many likes for that video since it will look unnatural but in case you have lots of subscribers, then it will look natural.

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