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Why should I need to buy YouTube dislikes?

This is another question which has an answer that is up to you again. In case you have a negative feedback on your video, you can buy this service in order to dislike that specific comment. As you know negative feedbacks are the nightmare of any business (even it can make you mad if it is not true) and our dislike service can help you in this regard. For the last thing, in case you have too many likes for your video but do not have any dislikes, then you can take the advantage of our services in order to balance your video by letting it look more natural with the dislikes. As a result, everyone will think something is wrong when you have more than hundred thousand likes on your video but do not have any dislikes, won’t you believe the same?

Will these dislikes be real?

Indeed. Those who are going to hit the “Dislike” button on the video will be a real person but not a fake account or bot. We do our best to keep the quality of our services high.

Is it ethical to buy dislikes?

Indeed. We will promote your video to those real people who will dislike the subject of the video through our proprietary systems. Whenever someone will like it, they will not have the option to click on the “Like” button, so they will pass the video. But in case they dislike it, they can hit the dislike button with their own free will. It would be unethical in case you would perform this through some illegal software rather than real people. But since we do not employ any software or bots which are strictly prohibited by YouTube, it is totally ethical.

How many dislikes should I prefer for an order?

You can buy as much as you need. In case you need more dislikes than available on our listing, you can contact us through email in order to learn more options.

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