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Extlikes Lifetime Guarantee covers this order. The fans we provide are forever and we will replace any lost fans without any charge.

Thousands of Businesses Trust Extlikes (Indeed, we really cooperate with them.)

Will real people view my YouTube video?

Indeed. Unlike most of the companies which use the proxy, bot or fake views, we help our clients to acquire real views from real people for their YouTube video. We offer the lifetime guarantee for our views and they are completely effective and safe to use. The services we provide are being used by more than thousands of companies worldwide.

Why do I need to buy views?

YouTube has several reasons for why you need to buy views when compared with the other social networks. The first one is the social proof. When you have more views on your video, your audience tend to share it a lot more since people feel secure when they share something that is universally liked when compared with videos which did not receive any likes. The second one is SEO. When videos receive more views, they rank higher on the search engines since Google likes the videos which are more authoritative and larger when compared with videos with less reputation. Thirdly the YouTube ranking. Videos which have much more engagement and views rank higher in the search function of YouTube and this will provide a domino effect where users can reach your videos faster and easier and thus, increase the amount of the views by watching them.

What is the duration of these views?

We have the best retention rate in our YouTube services and none of the views we help you to acquire will appear or disappear in a single night unlike most of the companies offer. We promote your video to real people from all around the world until we meet the amount of the order. We offer the lifetime guarantee for our services.

Will I receive these views at once or in time?

You will not receive them at once. You will receive them naturally which means that they will appear slowly and sometimes faster than the other hours of the day (this is the natural flow). In case you will receive views from the similar IPs and similar browser preferences in a day, you can risk your account or channel. Instead of using such bots or illegal software we employ traditional social media marketing techniques to bring real people views to your video in order to complete your order.

Can these views help me to rank better with my videos?

Indeed. The videos with more engagement and views are naturally rank higher on the search engines as well as within the search engine of YouTube.

Is it safe to buy views for my videos?

Indeed. None of the accounts of our clients have been banned due to our services and we offer the lifetime guarantee for them. We never employ fake views or bots (which are contrary to terms of service of YouTube) and we only complete your orders with real human views.

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