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In case you have a limited time for the delivery, all you have to do contact us through an email before you place your order. You will agree on all Extlikes Terms of Service when you place an order.

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Extlikes Lifetime Guarantee covers this order. The fans we provide are forever and we will replace any lost fans without any charge.

Thousands of Businesses Trust Extlikes (Indeed, we really cooperate with them.)

Do 100% percent of the followers you provide are from the United States?

Indeed. Although you may receive new followers apart from our campaigns during the process (this is out of our control), the followers we will help you to acquire will be directly from the USA. You are advised to not have any other third party campaigns during the course of our campaigns since two different campaigns can easily conflict with each other.

Do you serve services with any other targeted countries?

Sadly, not. Our Twitter services offer services from all around the world and the only service with targeted country is the USA-only followers. We are working hard to offer additional countries however right now, this is the only service we can offer.

Are USA-only followers have better quality than your standard Twitter services?

Some of our users prefer USA-only followers due to their businesses and they receive a better engagement rate and sales with their English content. The followers are not higher quality than our standard services but since it is not possible for us to track who decided to follow you, the quality of the followers may vary from order to order (this is the nature of social media platforms).

Are these services are safe for my account?

Indeed, they completely are. None of our clients had been banned or receive any harm by any means due to our marketing services. If it would possible, people would buy fake profiles for their competitors and let them get banned (Twitter can easily realize this). It is not possible for you to get banned with real people followers with natural campaigns.

Do you help your clients to become verified?

Yes, we do. Larger profiles become verified much easier when compared with the smaller ones. We have helped many of our clients including some music artists and celebrities to verify their Twitter accounts. You need to have at least 100,000 followers in case you can to significantly increase your verification chance since this figure is accepted as a milestone by Twitter.

What is the duration of these followers?

The followers we provide to our clients are forever. In case they will unfollow you for some reason, we will compensate them for free. We have the best retention rate in terms of the Twitter services and known as the most reliable company. We are proud to have this title.

What should be the amount of my first order?

The more you order, the more discount you will get. Some of our most preferred campaigns are 10,000 and 50,000 followers due to the discount ratios. They also provide a great social media presence for personal and business accounts (both of these figures are the milestones you need to accomplish on any social network).

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