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What do Instagram comments mean?

They are known as a number of people who wanted to say anything about the post you shared. In case you have an account with lots of followers and likes but do not have any comments, it will be considered as weird by your followers and you may lose them in a short time. At these points, we are ready to serve you with our Instagram comments service where we can help you to increase the comment amounts on your posts.

Is it possible for me to control what people will comment?

Sadly, it is not possible to pre-determine what people are going to say under your post. The only thing we can ensure is, we will search and find people who will start a conversation on your post, however, we have no right to force people to write down specific things. Let everything be natural since it is the best and nothing can provide the benefits of real engagement. We have the highest quality in increasing follower engagement and we will find real people who will be willing to share their ideas on your post.

Is it really necessary to have Instagram comments?

Definitely. Engagement is the key factor in determining the success of an Instagram account and in case your posts will have low amounts of comments and likes, your posts will not do well for you too. People tend to engage more whenever they see a post with lots of engagement such as comments, likes, and shares. Which one would be easier for you? Expressing your ideas in a post where many people already did, or being the first person who will express his or her idea on a post? Comments will allow people to engage with your post a lot better and thus you will be increasing your engagement rate.

What should the comment order size be?

It totally depends on your account. In case you have a hundred followers and only dozens of photos, buying thousands of comment will look very unnatural. Besides, this is unrealistic in terms of organic terms. As the opposite, in case you have a very large account and order a very low amount of comments, this will be nothing more than a fish in the ocean. Decide on the amounts of the comments in line with your own profile since there is no right or wrong answer to this question.

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