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In case you have a limited time for the delivery, all you have to do contact us through an email before you place your order. You will agree on all Extlikes Terms of Service when you place an order.

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Extlikes Lifetime Guarantee covers this order. The fans we provide are forever and we will replace any lost fans without any charge.

Thousands of Businesses Trust Extlikes (Indeed, we really cooperate with them.)

Will those people who will follow my Instagram profile be real?

Indeed. We pay a great effort to find real and active users on Instagram to follow you. We do not deceive people to follow our clients and we do not use any illegal marketing methods such as scripts, click-farms or any other software.

Am I going to have followers who have empty profiles or high amounts of following people?

We do our best to exclude these kinds of follower but sadly the fact is 10 percent of the social media network is made up of these types of accounts. There many are the very low number of low-quality accounts (due to the structure of social media) however a very large majority will be high-quality accounts. In case you will have low-quality followers, just block them and we will compensate them. We offer the highest quality services for the Instagram marketing when compared with the services in the industry.

Do these followers engage my posts?

Indeed. Every user who will follow you due to our campaigns may engage in with likes or comments. Surely, this also depends on of your order size as well as the quality of the content (this exists for all social networks and social media marketing campaigns).

Do these followers stay forever?

Yes, we also offer a guarantee for it. We own the highest retention rate in terms of the Instagram followers and in case you will experience a decline for any reason, we will compensate them for free. These real followers will be following you until they stop using the Instagram, unlike the fake likes which the profiles are banned from the platform.

What should the amount of the followers order be?

Since we offer discounts for bulk services, 10,000 followers, 50,000 followers, and 100,000 followers are the most preferred packages. We offer great discounts for these figures. But since there is no any right or wrong answer to this question, you can start with any amount you wish. Keep in mind that a lot of followers do not have any damage on your social presence. As you will have more followers, this will mean that your content will be engaged more too.

Will I be in trouble with Instagram due to these services?

Definitely, not. Purchasing services for Instagram followers through our platform will not cause you any trouble and we never experienced such problems with our customers before. You can receive our services with zero risks in any social media platform.

Can I receive more followers than what is offered on your website?

Indeed. In case you are willing to have more followers than listed, all you need to do is send us an email and we will reply your email within a business day to offer a competitive discount. We provide services to many celebrities and bigger companies in order to help them to have an active Instagram presence.

Is it possible to promote a privacy enabled account?

It is not. When privacy enabled on any account, your posts can not be seen by those who do not currently following you which real people will not tend to follow you. You need to disable the privacy until your order will be completed. You can turn on the privacy again once everything will be done and thus, you will keep your followers too.

Should I receive comments along with the likes too?

Most of the people do. Of course, content with high amounts of likes will do wonders in order to grow your page and comments will support your efforts as well. We have many loyal customers who regularly place an order for both and they strongly continue to build a powerful Instagram presence. This purely depends on your budget and how aggressive you are willing to grow your page. It will not be logical to order 1000 likes for a local business for a specific photo they posted since it will not look natural in the eyes of people.

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