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Do these services safe for all social networks?

They totally are. We manually promote your page just like you can do it on your own on a daily basis. All of the engagement that we will provide in line with your placed orders will be organic with our intense marketing efforts.

Is it possible for me to split the order I placed to more than one page?

Sadly we do not support the split of the orders to multiple pages but we can offer you bulk discounts for such orders. All you need to do is contact us through our contact form and we will discuss the discount rates.

Do you offer targeted likes?

We offer likes and followers from all around the world in our standard services which you will receive engagement from different countries. Although our main goal is to promote your page to those who speak English, sadly we can not control who will view and engage in your content from all around the world. We do not offer any services which are specific to some countries right now however we are working hard to expand our services in these lines.

Do I receive all these followers and likes at once?

Since we carry out real promotion campaigns, it will take some time to see the services you bought and they will not appear in a single night. While the smaller packages can take up to 4 to 7 days, larger packages may take up to 10 to +30 days in line with the size of your campaign. The services you will receive will look very natural and there is no question that you will receive followers or like in a short time.

Is it possible for me to run another third-party campaign together with Extlikes campaign?

Indeed, however, we do not advise it. We check the amount of the likes or followers to see the progression we made in your campaign and in case there will be another campaign, they may overlap. But we provide more organic likes and followers than your order to your page in our campaign. We do not use any software in order to check the progression about the likes we let you acquire because we manually promote your page. These types of software are available in those companies which offer likes and followers with bots which are known as fake likes or followers. This is why we do not accept any responsibility for case services you receive from different companies overlaps. In case you already have a running campaign, it will be better for you to pause that service before you place an order through us.

My order did not start yet, why?

Let us have few days to start your order since all of the pages are manually promoted we have an order queue. Likes from the US may require some additional preparation. We are going to try our best to finalize your order within the estimated time that we notified on our website. In case you believe that you have been waited for too long or the estimated delivery date passed, you can contact us through our contact page and we will provide you more information about the status update.

Do you offer any warranty for the services?

Indeed, we offer the lifetime warranty for any of our services. In case you will experience a decline in the amounts of the likes or followers, we are going to restore them for free (it occurs in less than one percent of the orders). We deliver more than your order in order to compensate the natural drop-off.

Am I allowed to place an order for multiple packages?

Yes, you are. You can buy and run multiple campaigns at a time (even the same campaign).

Do you need my account password to run a campaign?

We do not ask for any access to any accounts for our services. All of the likes and followers we let you acquire do not need any admin access.

How can I see my order status?

We will inform you through an email whenever your order is completed. In case you will not start to receive the amount of likes or followers in a specified time, please let us know by contacting through our contact form.

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