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What is a Facebook website like?

When you own a web page with a “Like” button, you can increase the number of the likes seen here. All you have to do is place an order by providing the URL to let us promote it and then you are going to see the amount increasing in that button.

Why are these website likes important?

It is one of the greatest social proof for yourself or business. People tend to find the websites with lots of likes more reliable when compared with those which do not have a large number of likes. This will help your page to grow faster. In addition, you will receive more conversion rate, sales, and likes by people. For the last thing, some of the SEO experts believe that a lot of likes for your website also helps you to have a better ranking.

Will these likes stay forever?

Indeed. We guarantee all the services we offer and that website likes we will help you to get will stay forever. Most of the other businesses in this industry sell likes which disappear within 1 to 2 months, however, such a thing is not possible with our services.

In case I will buy website likes for my page where Facebook page plugin available on it, do my fans also increase too?

No, only the URL likes will increase however your Facebook followers will not increase. In case you are willing to receive likes for a specific page then you need to place an order for Facebook likes. In case you can not be sure about what is a page plugin, you can click here.

I placed an order for website likes, however, could not see any change on the button yet, why?

This may have various reasons however the most common one is, the Facebook button may not direct to the URL that you have provided to us when you placed an order. You need to check whether the button is linking to the correct URL. In case everything seems okay, then please contact us by using our contact form. Ninety percent of the incidents are solved by simply changing a code (such as typing https instead of https or forgetting to type one or more letters). In case you still can not find a solution, let us know so that we can assist you.

How can I learn the amount of the website likes I own?

The easiest method for this is installing a website button to your website for the order you placed. You can generate a like button by visiting Facebook's like button page and copy the information in here to the HTML of your website (you can ask your developer to do so) and then you will find out a number of your website likes.

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