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What does Facebook status share mean?

Whenever you will post anything on your Facebook wall, your followers will be able to share it with their friends and followers in case they will like the content. This is what is called Facebook status share. We can help your status to be shared more. In this way, your Edge Rank and visibility for that status will increase.

What is the advantage of having high amounts of Facebook shares?

Edge Rank is a Facebook algorithm which is mainly based on engagement. This algorithm marks the content which received more shades as higher quality since Facebook considers that content which is shared a lot is more entertaining and interesting. This is why they place them higher in the news feed. Facebook wishes their users to see and read more interesting content. This is the main advantage of buying Facebook shares.

Is it possible for me to choose what will be written in reviews?

Sadly, not. It is not possible for us to intervene what real people will write down however since we are on the hunt for the 5-star reviews for your page, we can ensure you that a very large portion of them will be positive. We do our best to keep our services high quality and customer satisfaction high. We always recommend you to start will small orders and increase the amount of the orders after you evaluate our services.

Are these shares same with likes?

No, they are not. They are two separate things. In case you want to have both likes and shares, you need to place separate orders for both of them. In this way, your content will receive both Facebook Shares and Facebook Likes for maximum engagement.

Is it possible for me to receive shares from specific countries?

Sadly, not. Those who will decide on to like your page are going to like it without any limitation. In case you need to be shared from specific countries, you have to use "Boost Post" feature of Facebook Ads. We can assist you in order to have more shares for your status however we can not target any specific countries.

Which one is better, likes or shares?

When we need to compare the Facebook shares with Facebook likes, many people believe that Facebook shares are much better. This has two reasons. The first one is, shares will help you to increase your Edge Rank which we mentioned what it is earlier. The other one is, shares can provide much more traffic when compared with the likes since shares are displayed on the news feed of users. In case a person will share your content and if he or she has a lot of friends, the thing that they share will be also visible to their friends too. You can receive the huge amount of visitors via this method in a very short time and in addition, you can also receive additional shares and like for that post too.

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