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What does Facebook profile follow mean?

It is possible for you to enable an option where people can “Follow” your personal profile. Whenever a person will start to follow you, they will be able to see your recent posts on their newsfeed just like a Facebook page they like. Thanks to this feature, a personal profile will take the advantage of the same privileges of a Facebook page owner has.

How can I turn on the feature to let people follow me?

You have to turn on the Follow button on the Facebook profile to let people follow you. You can visit this link in order to learn more about how you can turn on this feature. All you have to do is click on the “Turn on Follow” option in this link and place the order you want.

These people who will follow my Facebook profile will be real?

Indeed. Those people who will decide on to follow you will do this with their own free will. We never offer things to people to follow your profile or we do not use any bots, software or scripts to provide our services like most of the companies.

What is the country these followers will be from?

Sadly, we can not target a specific country while providing followers for your page. We are going to promote your profile to the whole world and those who may want to follow it will be following your page. Most of your followers will be based in the United States, however, sadly, we can not guarantee that all of them will be from the same country. In case location data is very important for you, then it is not advised to use our services but prefers Facebook Ads to receive a targeted followers.

What should be the amount of my follower order?

This is a quite challenging question. We believe that Facebook likes to provide much more efficient since Facebook pages are much better than Facebook profiles in some aspects. Facebook followers are effective too however in case you have a Facebook page wth business purpose, it will be preferred against a profile. In case you have both of the pages, i.e., Facebook profile and Facebook page, it will be good for you to get both.

How can I learn a number of my followers?

You can learn these figures from your timeline after you will allow people to follow you from Facebook settings. You need to check the "Followed by" metric which can be found under the "About" section on left. The figures do not update too often and this is why it will be better for you to check them no more than once in a day to see the progress of your order.

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