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What does Facebook 5 star rating mean?

It is what it sound like. In case your business has a presence on Facebook, your users are able to review your page. We can find people who will be satisfied from your page in order to increase the 5-star ratings on your page.

Is it possible for me to choose specific countries to review my page?

Sadly, not. We can not control the people who will review your page about where they live and after all, people who would like to leave a review will review it. In case you want to receive the 5-star rating from specific countries, states or cities, then you need to contact with your own customers individually. Apart from that, our services will be the best way to support your current efforts.

Is it possible for me to choose what will be written in reviews?

Sadly, not. It is not possible for us to intervene what real people will write down however since we are on the hunt for the 5-star reviews for your page, we can ensure you that a very large portion of them will be positive. We do our best to keep our services high quality and customer satisfaction high. We always recommend you to start will small orders and increase the amount of the orders after you evaluate our services.

In case I will buy website likes for my page where Facebook page plugin available on it, do my fans also increase too?

No, only the URL likes will increase however your Facebook followers will not increase. In case you are willing to receive likes for a specific page then you need to place an order for Facebook likes. In case you can not be sure about what is a page plugin, you can click here.

Is there any limitation with the kinds of businesses you can work with?

In case you will allow ratings on a Facebook page, we can work with almost all types of businesses. When you allow it, you can place your order and provide the Facebook URL to us, then we will start promoting your page.

How does it work?

We promote your business to those who will like your business and tend to leave a positive review on the page. We will skip those people who may not like your page until we will reach to people who will think that your business is interesting or useful and may leave a 5-star review.

Do these services are safe for businesses?

Indeed. We have worked more than thousand of businesses from small to large and we have never had any problems with that Facebook page which we provided 5-star reviews.

Is it possible for me to place a bulk order for 5-star ratings?

This service requires too much effort and this is why we are not able to provide a high volume service. We may update this service in the future, however, this is our capacity for now. The pricing may vary too.

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