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In case you have a limited time for the delivery, all you have to do contact us through an email before you place your order. You will agree on all Extlikes Terms of Service when you place an order.

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Extlikes Lifetime Guarantee covers this order. The fans we provide are forever and we will replace any lost fans without any charge.

Thousands of Businesses Trust Extlikes (Indeed, we really cooperate with them.)

Can I receive fans only from specific countries?

No. We are going to promote your page to the entire world and those who would like to like your page will do it. The only company which can offer the promotion of your page to the specific audience is Facebook Ads. In case you are looking for such a service, it will be better for you to visit their page and receive targeted fans.

Will these people who like my page be real people?

Indeed. We promote your page to the entire world and those who may decide on to like your page will like it. We do not deceive people to like pages or take the advantage of bots or other illegal software to offer our service like most of the companies in this industry.

Is it possible to receive service with restricted pages?

We advise you to remove any page restrictions your page has (such as age or country) before you place an order. In case you will have any restrictions, you may receive a lot less amount of followers than you paid for and sadly we do not accept any responsibility in these times. In case you cannot remove any restrictions due to some specific reasons, contact us before the order so that we can discuss this.

Why cannot I observe any likes yet?

Please wait at least 48 hours after you place your order. We work hard to start your order less than 24 hours however some specific campaigns may need special attention or setup to start in line with the type of your page or the amount of your order. In case you believe that it has been a while, send us an e-mail which we will reply asap. We will do our best to assist you and complete your order.

Is it possible to combine Extlikes campaigns with other third-party campaigns?

Yes, however, we do not recommend it. You can run another or Facebook Ads campaigns simultaneously with our services. But why we do not recommend it? It is because it may affect your order in terms of the amount you paid for. One of the most common problems that our clients experience is due to such simultaneous services received from different companies. As a result, they can not be sure which campaign sent the likes or followers. It will be better for you to run a single campaign each time in order to not experience any confusion.

Do Facebook page likes and followers are same?

Indeed. In case we will pay effort to find more followers to your Facebook page then the number of the likes on your page will increase too; both are the same.

Is it possible for me to receive service for a Facebook page which is not accepted by Facebook Ads??

Indeed. We run our campaigns independently of Facebook Ads and this is why we can help you with your not allowed page on Facebook Ads such as adult entertainment or e-cigarettes.

Is it for me to receive a service for my personal Facebook account?

Of course, it is possible however keep in mind it is not possible for people to like a personal Facebook profile. However, you can enable the “Follow” button on your profile and then place your order by visiting the top of this page.

Do these likes are permanent or temporary?

The likes you will acquire through our services are the lifetime. We are a company which offers the lifetime guarantee for the services we provide and we does our best to keep the quality high.

Are there any limits in terms of the amount of the orders?

There are no limits. We offer to price up to 1 million users however in case you need more than this, all you have to do is contact us. We assisted many celebrities and larger brands for their followers.

Why is this service better than the cheaper solutions?

Our homepage is the proof of why we are better than those cheaper solutions where a comparison is included. With the proofs we have provided on our homepage, we put the quality difference in front of your eyes with the guarantee we provide. You can contact us whenever you want, unlike those cheaper solutions which offer very low priced likes by using illegal software. Moreover, the likes you will acquire the cheaper services which use software or bots will disappear within a limited time but you pay us to receive high-quality services.

May I get banned from Facebook due to these services?

We have been working with some of our clients for many years and we have not experienced any problem yet due to the nature of our services. In general, in case you will receive likes from software or bots, you will definitely need to face with unwanted situations. But since we do not employ such illegal things in order to help our customers to acquire what they need, but only promote their page to real people with real profiles, our services are totally safe.

Can I receive bulk discounts for larger like orders?

Yes, you can and we already coded the discount on our pricing page. When you slide the bar to increase the amount of the service you are willing to receive, a discount will be applied on the price immediately. We offer the most competitive prices in line with our services and all of the discounts we offer are also specially designed for resellers and bulk sellers. You can be sure that you will receive the best service with the best price at Extlikes.

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