Why Instagram is So Popular?

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Why Instagram is So Popular?

Instagram has been growing rapidly in recent years, and thus, creating a new network and sharing style on the Internet, Instagram hosts many people’s profiles, from the most famous people to ordinary users. The fact that Instagram is being used by so many people has, of course, surprised many web investors in the first processes. Especially when it is considered that it was founded in October 2010, it was not difficult to see that the application had an incredible audience in a very short time. Instagram, which is a rival to many social media channels, has begun to attract many investors in a very short time. Investors have begun to work with one aspect to create different social networking networks that are similar to Instagram or inspired by Instagram’s features. However, Instagram, as a rising trend in social media network, just like has no any opponent.

’how Instagram become so popular?

Development of the Instagram From Past To Now

When many rivals, Instagram, rose to the highest rank among social media sites in a short period of time, Facebook was getting ready to buy Instagram. In a short period of approximately $ 1 billion is given to Instagram and is bought by Facebook. However, Instagram was never considered a sub-project of Facebook. Instagram, managed as a separate company in a separate center, had been an excellent investment for Facebook. Recently, two engineers who established Instagram in October 2010 announced that they had left the company. These two investors and engineers, the names of which were Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger respectively, were October 2018 when they announced that they had left the company in order to develop their own creativity and sign new projects. Considering how Instagram has become so creative and attracting many people to it, we have to come up with the stories of these founders leaving the company. Unlike other social media platforms, this social media site, which has only started as a picture sharing site, was so successful because of its creative features, interface and differences. Just as its founders decided to leave Instagram with the desire to be creative, different and original. Here the algorithm of the whole application actually reveals itself from the movement of its founders. Today Instagram is much different from the day it was first established. It has an IGTV algorithm, story algorithm and live broadcast channels to replace Youtube. Therefore, it continues to grow and develop.

selling over Instagram

It is possible to start making money even today on Instagram, where many users have changed their lives and many businesses have a lot of commercial deals. Many small boutiques are making money by selling over Instagram. You can also own one of these boutiques. As well as the features of Instagram, its story of development from past to present gives us the answer to the question ‘’how Instagram become so popular? ‘’ We can say that it’s not a design wonder, but it’s an application that gives users exactly what they want at that time.
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