How To Use Instagram Effectively?

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How To Use Instagram Effectively?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms used by most people in recent years. What makes Instagram so popular is undoubtedly a completely different concept from other social media sites. Instagram begin its life as most popular ‘’photo sharing site’’ in the world. Today, Instagram has become a platform where various live broadcast programs can be made and short term stories can be shared. On Instagram, today, there are profiles of almost all celebrities, politicians and business people. In recent years, the fact that not only individuals but also the companies have a profile on Instagram has started a very interesting change. For recent times, it has became possible to manage the social media identity of an official organization via Instagram and to communicate directly with customers. Moreover, this is not only possible for big companies and brands, but also for small businesses! We have recently decided to tell how people who use a business account must manage their Instagram pages while trading on Instagram is becoming popular. Read the rest of this article to get the best tips for using Instagram.

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1- Every day, regularly, share a promotion or campaign about your products or services. One of the things that should be paid the most attention when using Instagram page of a business is to make regular sharing. It is ideal for a business account to make sharing one post every day. This number may increase on special campaign days. By continually sharing product promotion and campaign posts, you can increase your prestige, reliability and popularity across your customers. 2- Share stories on a regular basis. You can share between 5 and 10 stories per day. These shares let your users see you frequently. Nowadays, make people to see you frequently is a highly effective and successful advertising strategy. Do not forget to use a friendly language in your shared instagram stories. Stories are different from posts, which are posted on a daily basis. You can give a warm message on these shares, you can say ‘good morning’ to your customers. Thus, you will strengthen the bond between you and your customers. 3- Pay attention to your DM messages! Sometimes you will have positive and sometimes you will have negative criticism. At the same time, some requests and suggestions via DM can be sent to you as a message. Continuously reading DM messages will make you better distinguish the situation in the industry. What’s more, responding to messages sent to you via DM makes you a more reliable company in the eyes of your customers.

How To Use Instagram Effectively?

4- You can broadcast live once a week. Frequent live broadcasting can cause damage to your professional identity. However, you can make live broadcast which is informative once a week, that make your customers realize that you are taking your business seriously. You can occasionally increase the number of watches and try out PR advertising trials by inviting someone famous to your live broadcasts. PR advertising is one of the most preferred types of advertising on Instagram.
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