Is It Possible to Get Banned Due to You Buying YouTube Views

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YouTube may be considered as a social network however it’s importance is mainly based on the videos published on it and a number of the likes they received. Of course, you may try to get some links for your website however you can probably guess that no one is going to read or click the links in the description part of the videos or watch the entire video in case the content is really poor. Keep in mind that views will be the main basis of your marketing efforts.

It has a reason and this may want you to pay to systems which will ensure you to receive more views. This also let many entrepreneurs build a business model which can help you to get more views. Well, what is the reason why you should buy views? Are they totally safe? What may happen in case you will buy plenty of views for your videos?

View Classification

Believe it or not but not all of the views are equal. Why? Here it is.

Your videos receive views from all around the world by different kinds of people. Some of these views will be favored by YouTube while some of the will not. It is possible to check the difference on analytics as well in the form of views from demographics, countries and so on.

The views can be classified into two main categories which are the bot and real. The real views are generated by real people while the bot views are generated by software that is trying to act like a person but mostly detected by YouTube. It is not possible to put certain limits on these categories.

On the bot views part, there are two types of views which are generated by good or poor bots. The good bots will act like the human, their accounts contain reasonable information and YouTube usually misses them. But these bots require a lot more effort and this is why they can not offer top class views a lot. On contrary, poor bots can offer you a large amount of views by using the similar IP addresses and spoofed data. They are quite inexpensive however, YouTube can easily detect and filter them.

The scale for the real views is similar as well. Some of the views are generated by people who actually are not watching the video. These people may receive some money to do so. They may be running the video on any website which they are not even aware of and the video is hidden. These people’s device may have a virus and that virus may launch hidden browsers in order to run hidden videos on the screen to generate views for videos.

There are also people who surf on the YouTube but then get out of the desk to deal with something else. The videos will continue to run but none of these players are aware of what is written on the description or what is the video about. Some of these people may have some adblocker software on their browser which will prevent you to earn money through them but their view still counts.

The best one is those people who will engage in your content and are your potential visitors. They are the best but almost impossible to buy with money. It is still possible however we will mention it later.

Results of Buying YouTube Views

YouTube does not entirely ban buying views. It is possible to buy real views but not poor views without the danger of any sanction. This means that the results of buying YouTube views will depend on the quality of the views as well as its source.

Buying real views are quite good for you channel and YouTube is not concerned with that a lot. However, this type of views is the views that can be bought through PPC Marketing such as AdWords. You will plan your target audience, prepare your ads, attract visitors and let your videos watched more. This sounds quite easy and fun, right? However, it is not profitable and quite expensive. It will be possible for you to receive at least 500 views from any third party if you would not use the AdWords.

Well, what is the way you should not choose to avoid poor views? You should not receive services from Fiverr sellers, deceptive layouts which will autoplay the video while hiding it, pop-up ads, redirects and so on. In short, every view which is offered as thousands of for few bucks. Here are what you may experience in case you buy these views.

  • The views will disappear after the filter.
  • The video may be removed from YouTube.
  • YouTube may suspend your account.

The first result is quite acceptable. Those who remember the recent 301+ view count bug can understand this better. In fact, this was not a bug but YouTube video flagging method. Although there is an endless hours of videos on YouTube, there is limited manpower in the company. This is why they determined a threshold in order to care the videos for audit. They determined the 300 views in order to check the videos for any possible misuse. And the videos which received fake views to reach 301 views will be filtered and their views will disappear.

Of course, there is a chance to nothing happen. Fake views are generated every day and you do not have to get them just because of this reason. YouTube will detect it and will punish you as soon as they will find clear signs for fake views.

When you will buy fake views repeatedly in large amounts, YouTube will not punish you which do not reprimand you from your bad habit and they will remove your video. In the case at least one of your videos are removed due to “view count gaming”, then you can use the following appeal form  in order to let your video be back and lift the flag on your account.

We haven’t talked about flagging the accounts, right? It is not something that you can see such as copyright strike, it is something like a system option for YouTube itself. YouTube will know that you have been already caught in action and this flagging will make everything easier for them for further issues. They may remove the views, remove the video or worse, they may give a penalty to you.

In case YouTube will detect a widespread abuse, they will suspend your account as well. This is the main reason why almost all of the fake view seller’s promote themselves as safe companies. However, keep in mind that it will not be possible for any company to generate thousands of views in a very short period of time while AdWords itself still can’t offer that much.

As you know, you can earn money on YouTube by monetizing your videos through AdSense systems which have very strict rules about how they work. In case they will notice that you bought fake views and earned money through it, they will delete your income. Moreover, they may ban you from AdWords which every person can only have one account. In case you are other channels or websites you use the AdSense systems on them, it will severely damage your income stream.

How to Buy Views?

You have four paths to choose in terms of buying views.

The first and most reliable one is using the official channels such as AdWords. In this way, you will pay to Google to get more YouTube views and you will keep your money in the same company. In this method, you will also prove that you are not about profit since you will have to pay more than you can earn in order to promote your video in any category or topic. This is the most quality views and you will never ever receive a negative consequence as a result of this method.

The other method is to pay third party sellers to get views. There are many options in this method which one of them are Fiverr sellers while the most reliable ones are the other PPC platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. You will receive quality views however there is a change to get these views through incentivized means. There are many websites which offer things to its users when they watch the embed videos on their pages. They offer virtual money or gift cards for their users which can be used to buy products through their website and can only be obtained as a result of hours of watching. They are considered as quality views however as you can imagine YouTube is able to detect these types of views and penalize the accounts.

The next method is to buy views from low-quality sellers. You can receive hundreds of like for few dollars and views will be generated with shady websites. You will receive plenty of views generated by bots and almost all of them will be filtered by YouTube soon. It is not certain that YouTube will penalize you due to this. However, your best chance will be losing the money you paid for the views. The worst thing will be losing your money as well as losing your YouTube channel.

The last method is going out and finding as much as you can (preferably kids) and take them to a place which offers internet connection and computers. You will pay them to watch every video on your YouTube channel and hope that they will do that.

But as you can imagine this is not a legit way to get more views. First of all, it is quite expensive for a bunch of views you will get. Secondly, this method is not sustainable and you will lose too much time and effort as well as money.

Detecting the Fake Views

It is much more easy to detect the fake accounts on other social media platforms when compared with detecting fake views on the YouTube platform. This is mainly because account holders can not check the individual view data. All you can have is aggregate demographics.

However, there are some methods in order to figure out whether a video receive plenty of fake views or not and here they are;

  • In case the views of a video are quite high, it may be due to fake views. We have tested this with a channel which had several videos that do not have more than 50 views on each. One of the videos located on YouTube suggestion engine and as a result had around 9,000 views. We did not buy any views or promoted it to receive more views. This is why only the amount of the views are not reliable enough to detect the fake views.
  • In case any channel which has countless views have a number of subscribers, it can be a sign of fake news. Usually, the amount of the subscribers will increase together with the views however a channel which has millions of views need to have at least 100,000 subscribers. In case you will see videos with millions of views, however, has only 100 subscribers, you can understand that there is something wrong.
  • In case the video has lots of views, however, has only a few Youtube video likes, this is another sign of fake views. A number of the people who will engage in your video will be very low however some of the still will dislike or like your video.
  • In case the video has a very low engagement, it may be a sign too. The video which received 9,000 views had around 36 comments which can be considered as regular. In case the video had about 100,000 views than the 36 comments should be something fishy.

It is possible to check analytics of YouTube by clicking to the “more” button which is next to the share link. This analytics will help you to learn everything about your video from the day you published it. You should have a natural curve rather than just a curve which has too many flats and jumps on it.

Buying Youtube Views to Bring Your Competitors Down

As you realized we have always talked about the negative effects of buying views only on your own videos. There are many people out there who buy fake views to bring their competitors down and most of them can not succeed at this. It is a fact but the results are not always possible. In case you have some valid reasons, you should not run any negative campaign on anyone since it is not ethical as well as immoral.

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