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If you are new in the Instagram and willing to achieve success as soon as possible and these tips will boost your Instagram account in a short period of time.

Every year is the year of Instagram since 2012. Instagram have over then 100 millions of users all around the world since it started to welcome Android users too after the iOS.

Then Facebook bought the Instagram for 1 billion dollars and now Instagram is living its own golden age. Right now, Instagram’s website receives ten millions of page view and around three hundred millions of page views monthly.

If you are a new user in the Instagram or you do not receive enough likes for your photos you can double the number of your followers and receive many likes with our suggestions in the following;

Do Not Share Every Photo You Take

By considering that interesting pictures are being followed more, try to share pictures which have a little story and specific to you. Nick Bilton the New York Times writer who has around forty thousand followers states that Instagram is an application to take artistic and beautiful photos. In this way users may use it in more proper way and he takes his photos in this manner. Another issue about the photos is the uploading period. Do not share your photos just after you arrange them. If you do not want that you pictures may lost in the list of the photos you need to upload them with determined intervals.

Gets Inspiration from the Liked Photos

Do not forget to take a look to the popular photos of the Instagram in order to get inspiration from them in your photos which you will take. Get inspiration from the popular pictures without imitating them. At the same time do not for get to check the performance of the photos you take. You can follow up how much likes your photos received and other account data from the Statigr.am which is the Instagram’s analytic service.

Use Popular Hashtags

Just as in Twitter, Instagram users love to use hashtags too. Using hashtags in photos allow your pictures to be seen by millions of people. Be sure to use hashtag in order to tag your pictures and categorize them. A third party tool which is call Webstagram allows you to see which hashtags are the popular ones. Using hashtags in your photos allow your pictures to be viewed by more people in case your hashtags are appropriate to your photos.

Show Your Location

Another way to categorize your pictures is to determining the location of your pictures which you upload. Take the advantage of the location based tagging of the Instagram. When you take a picture in a place and after a while when some other people takes a picture in the same place they will be viewing your pictures.

If you believe to the power of the Social Media and want to belong to a community or want to create your own communities then start from somewhere and follow the holders of the pictures you like. This is very clear and summary of the social media.


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