Things to Do When Your Instagram Ad Won’t Approved

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Creating new ads on Instagram is very similar to the ones you create on Facebook. They both use the same interface however you can consider the Instagram ad system as the simple version of the Facebook ad system. We will go on by considering that you have already know how to set an Instagram ad.

The ads may be rejected for any reason, at any time. This is in the nature of online ads. Users are usually are not aware of which rules they break from millions of articles and most of the times they can not be sure whether they did it or typed something that will not accepted by the system or they rejected due to a human reviewer.

You have limited possibilities for reason when the ad is be rejected. You can prefer to appeal, edit and resubmit the ad or delete the ad and create a brand new one.

But before you act to prefer one of these, it will be better for you to create a brand new ad with the same elements and content to submit it again. But this time, choose a different hour than your first submit. Facebook and Instagram ad approval processes are quite tricky. Since most of these approvals are carried out by the real human and human criteria is involved in the process, any ad that is not approved may be approved when you submit it again at any other day, at a different time. You will not risk anything but one lost day and this is the main reason you should prepare your ads and get approve for them weeks before you are planning to launch your promotions. In case you are lucky, it will be approved and thus, you will not have to deal with the other methods mentioned below.

How to Appeal?

You will contact with Facebook directly whenever you appeal and tell them they made a mistake while evaluating your ad. This means that you will object to the approval process and request a manual evaluation for your existing ad. At the end, you will be hoping to receive a notification that your ad didn’t reject due to the violation of the rules but due to a mistake of the automated process.

In the event that Facebook will not acknowledge you to be right and canceled the appeal, then sadly you have no chance other than skipping this method. You do not have the right to file a second appeal. But in case Facebook will acknowledge you to be right, then you ad will be approved.

Keep in mind that your ad will start to run automatically when it will be approved as a result of an appeal. In the event, that ad is a part of any campaign which you have canceled, it will not run on its own. In case the campaign is not canceled by you or anything, your ad will run and you will be charged by Facebook according to your prior settings.

Well, how can you appeal for an ad? You can find the related form on Facebook help center and visit that page by clicking here. It is known as “Appeal a Disapproved Ad” form where it will request information from you regarding your disapproval and its reason. When you will fill and submit this form, your ad will be sent for manual review. The result will be notified to you within one hour to one week and this is why do not have high expectations for quick service.

The ad form may not be accessible from time to time. Whenever you experience such a problem, try a different browser but mostly this problem is due to Facebook systems. In case it is due to Facebook, you will have two choices, one is waiting for the page to be published and the other one is to skip this method and prefer the following one.


Edit and Resubmit

This is the most preferred method in order to find a solution to your unapproved ad but it is also the most complicated one too. You will need two things to use this method which one of them is your time dedication for the ad you want to publish and the second one is a good understanding of the ad policies of Facebook in order to learn the exact reason of the rejection.

Although you will not fully submit an appeal, it will be good to try that appeal method first. This is mainly because you will check whether you are able to appeal for that specific ad. In case you can not appeal through the system, this will mean that your ad contains things which cannot be appealed. For example, the age violation is one of these rules which you can not violate. In case you are going to advertise an alcohol or something related with it through Instagram or Facebook, you have to specify an age limit. If not, you will be running ads to teenagers that will put both of you, Facebook and your company in a trouble.

So, what you need to pay attention in order to let Facebook approve your ad? Here are some of the main issues;

  • The ad. Your ad should have an image which does not violate any content guidelines of Instagram and your description should be in the same line with your image. You do also have limited space for the text and in case the image you included in the ad has too much text on it, it may be rejected.
  • The landing page. Facebook systems will check whether the landing page violates any of their ad content guidelines and whether it is working or not. It is not possible for you to choose a landing page which is a test page or included tons of Lorem Ipsum text. If so, your ad will be rejected again.

This and some other technical information should be checked in order to learn the exact reason why your ad did not approve.

Make sure that you are not in the effort to try to run an ad which is against the Instagram rules and community standards. These potential violations may be the following however not limited with these:

  • Photos which you do not have the copyrights. You will be rejected immediately when you will use a content that belongs to someone else or third party’s trademark.
  • Photos which are not suitable for all. Any type of nudity including breastfeeding is not welcomed. Although they will be artistic any type of partially or fully nudity will be removed even photos of children.
  • Photos which promote illegal services are not welcomed. Any sexual services, firearms, gambling, prescription drugs and other similar things are not welcomed. There are some exceptions like pharmacies, gambling websites and dating websites however these companies took the prior written permission from the social media giant. In case you will be rejected but have the permission, your ad will be approved manually without any problem.
  • Prohibited contents such as any standard restrictions, sensational and adult content, weapons, drugs, tobacco products, explosives and so on.
  • Content which is about the reader’s assets and other related things. This would not make the platform as chaste as it is now. It is not possible to think that the audience who will view your ad will belong to the specific age, religion, financial level, ethnic, medical condition, and gender. It is possible to learn all of these by visiting the prohibited content of Facebook .

Of course, there are some other elements which are included in Instagram community guidelines. You can check them from the page provided by Instagram by clicking here.

In case your ad is always rejected and you are determined to find the exact reason of it, then you will need to run some tests to figure it out.

Firstly start by changing the landing page URL of your ad. Of course, it is not a preferable method for an excellent ad however you will be able to learn whether the problem is due to this or not. In case your ad will be accepted by only changing the landing page then you can spend your efforts to learn what is wrong with your URL. If there are nonfunctional elements on the page or it looks malicious, your ad may be rejected. You may already know but let us remind it again, it is not possible to include codes such as the one that prevents users from leaving or captures their cursor on the pages that will be related with your ad.

In case you find out that the landing page is not the problem then you will have to apply the same method to your ad text. Change it but keep other things same. In the event that your ad will be approved then you can understand that there was something wrong with your ad text. In case nothing changed in the results, then do the same for the image you used.

In the event that you still can not learn the exact reason then you can doubt about your targeting preferences. For instance in case you are trying to promote an age-restricted service such as alcohol or tobacco and you did not set the targeting options right, then your ad will be rejected too. If you will set the right restrictions, we believe that you will be surprised about what you can promote or not on Instagram.

Another thing that you need to pay attention is the payment information. In case Facebook realizes that you offer an invalid payment option, they will cancel all of your ads and inform you about the situation. Although such a problem may cause your specific ad to be removed, it can also lead to the canceling of all of the ads you have running at that moment. Since Facebook believes financial fraud is a severe crime, they pay a great attention to this issue and it is dangerous for you since it may result in a ban. Be sure that you always use valid payment method.

Submit a New Ad

In case these two methods did not work for you, then this may have two main reasons. The first one is not likely but the person who is approving the ads behind the system may had a very bad day and rejected all of the ads harshly. In such times, no any change on the ads may please him or her and this is why you need to submit a new one. If possible change everything related to your ad including the landing page and create a new ad on the system. In case you only want to change the landing page that you have used on your rejected ad, then you can clone the ad on the system and change that URL without the need of too much effort.

The second reason is the ban. You, the company you own or the account you hold may be banned from Facebook for any reason. This usually happens when someone misuses the trademarks and copyrights of Facebook due to any reason. In case Facebook will be notified due to such violation, they may ban you from all of the companies they own or ban specific features for you. Although you may be banned from Facebook, you may still be allowed to have a page on their systems but may be banned from their ads system. This may be the main reason why your ad is rejected all the time no matter how hard you work.

If creating a new Instagram ad is the question, it will be in your favor to read the ad guidelines and prepare your ad in line with them. Be sure that you do not cross any lines with your ad while you do not use any depicting image on behalf of the Instagram guidelines. You may create a similar ad with the previous one but be sure that they are different. Another useful tip may be avoiding using the same content with the previous ad which you could not be able to figure out the reason why it is rejected. Create a new hope with your new ad.

When the new ad you created will be approved, you can discard the previous ad and go on. In case you will be rejected due to any reason, sadly you will have to start from the beginning or you can contact with someone who provides services for Facebook ads or online marketing in order to get professional help.

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