Fake Accounts in Social Networking

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As the days past social networks has now become a part of our lives and everybody gives a great importance to their position in social networks. We share many of our information, photo and events in our daily life in social networks. Well, do our account are safe? Do we protect them enough? The rights of individuals are one of the most important issues in social networks. There may be an active account which is opened on behalf of your name and chatting with people right now while you are reading this article.

We all remember the news related with a university student that took place in the year of 2011. For those who do not recall it let us provide you brief information about that news. A student learnt that someone opened up a fake account on her name in Facebook and that fake account was sharing some pornographic pictures. This student took excessive amounts of pills to attempt to suicide and her brain was damaged due to the drugs she swallowed, no resulted with permanent vegetative state. Yeah, this is a really sad event but again sadly this took part in the year of 2011.

In accordance with recent news it is declared that 5% to 6% of the accounts of 845 million Facebook users are fake. This amount is equal to approximately 45 millions of fake accounts. People who will open a fake account with your name may ask for money from your close friends or maybe abuse the people you know. You need to check whether there is a fake account exists on behalf of your name in the web sites you are frequently using in order to avoid such accusations.

There are many suggestions for people on the Internet about what to do in terms of legal ways. You can check some of them and also continue reading this article to learn what to do at first. If you come across to a fake account with your name, first thing first you need to report him on the website which the fake account is located.

Go to the Help Center of the Facebook and click on the section which is about Misuse or Report Policy Violations, How do I report a fake account that is using my personal information. You can report the fake account from here. Facebook do not allow the fake accounts and time tunnels which are performed to mimic the real people that are on the Facebook.

If someone opened a fake account with your name:

    * Go to your Profile (Time Tunnel)
    * Click on the Report / Block
    * Click on the part which states; This profile (time tunnel) signed with some other person’s name or fake
    * Select the Opened with my name from the dropdown menu
    * Click Continue to finish your report.

Never ever delay your report issue since they may be fraud some of the people you know by using real name and this may cause much more troubles for you until you prove that you are innocent and have no idea about what was going on.


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