Facebook Applications and Unauthorized Advertisements

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Sometimes facebook applications annoy the holder of the account and his or her friends. You will be able to switch these kinds of applications off with this.

One of the most complained issues people complain about the Facebook in which we spent a long hours in each day is the unauthorized ads that are being shared in our Facebook walls. These ads which are automatically shared in your wall on behalf of your friends’ accounts sometimes become unbearable. However people who share these ads have no idea about what is going on in his or her accounts. A lot of people complain about these including me. These kinds of ads are being published outside of the information and advertising policies of the Facebook.

These ads used to be only shared in the past however now these ads also contains some comments of the user. For a moment people can think that the comment actually written by the account holder. The main reason of these is the games and applications which are not reliable. Most of us do not pay attention to what kind of permissions we accept while we are installing these kinds of applications and games. Almost all of the application firstly uses some of your personal information and the most important thing is they perform and post some contents on behalf of you.

If you do not want to suffer from such ads you need to check your application frequently. You can remove the applications which you do not use more than six months or the applications which are developed by unknown people or companies. You can also check the settings of the applications which you do not want them to post content on behalf of you in order to remove their application sharing permission.

It is possible to see which and when the applications interact with your account. The applications which our friends’ use can see our personal information. If you want you can remove the applications by clicking them from the settings, Privacy Settings, Applications, Games and Web Sites, Edit Settings, respectively. Or if you want you can turn off all of your information to the usage however then games and applications will become unavailable.

As well as the ads another issues that is the most noticeable one is the videos you watch in some websites are being shared in your profile without your permission. There are many websites that are being shared without the permission of the people. Most of us even do not aware of these situations however it is possible to check from the web that these kinds of applications have more than 6 millions user.

If you do not want to use these kinds of applications you will be directly connected to related videos section and you can remove it from here. You can also close the shares for your wall from the Privacy Settings – Timeline and Tagging Settings if you do not want to see unauthorized as and posts on your wall.

It is this much easy to get rid of from annoying applications and their posts. Also you will additionally help to your friends by removing these kinds of situations in your Facebook profile.


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